The War Never Ends

from by Tom Watson

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Headlines roll like thunder, scream like lightning in the night
Nuance, colors, shades of gray reduced to black and white
Hostile forces lead the chase, U.N. forces are in place
As refugees return to face devastation and disgrace
It's time for rebuilding, and reflection, and revenge
A truce has been declared
But the war it never ends

The Russian bear's now null and void, communism's bit the dust
That iron will and steel resolve has been taken out by rust
After centuries of history, the future's still in jeopardy
As megatons of atom bombs are a black market commodity
Once bitter enemies now uneasy friends
Wonders never cease
And the war it never ends

Wisdom's passed down through the ages, a road map for the soul
I guess lives are lived between the pages as things spin out of control
While there's temples, mosques, and miles of pews
For Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Jews
And all their different points of view
Some preaching peace some practice cruel
Can you really cast the first stone in defense?
There's always more room on the cross
So the war it never ends

Hatred keeps the poor in chains, it's a bottomless black pool
Hatred is a burning flame, hatred is a fuel
As the fathers sins pass to the child,
New atrocities are stamped and filed
As old debts are repaid in kind
It's an eye for an eye until we're all blind
Here's the only message that it sends
Life is cheap
So the war it never ends

The last battleground is the hearts and minds and the souls of the young
It's the last thing in this universe that can be lost or won
Kids you'll stab with forks, you'll cut with knives until you become all that you ate
If you only do one thing in life, take care what you put on your plate
Because the truth not only twists, it turns and bends
Inner peace may be in reach
But the war it never ends


from Suburban Primative, released April 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Tom Watson Pennsylvania

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