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On and on the engines roar
As they take our children off to war
Wave the flag and then get on your day
The very thing that made us strong
Now stands poised to tear us down
How on earth could things turn 'round this way

In the eighteenth century
The whaling ships set out to sea
To kill the beasts and strip their flesh to boil
To fuel the lamps and grease the gears
They set the course that we still steer
And that is we'll do anything for oil

On and on the engines roar
To work, the bank, to school, the store
Deafness is a minor price to pay
For power speed and luxury
And the illusion that we are still free
Something has to fuel and light the way

In the nineteenth century
There came a great discovery
That fortunes could be pumped out of the soil
Land was raped kings were made
The die was cast as plans were laid
Assuring we'd do anything for oil

From the four points of the compass
To the dark side of the moon
Somethings got to change
It better happen soon
As everything we've gained
Is displaced by what we've lost
And the price we've paid
And everything it's cost

On and on the engines roar
On and on and more and more
It's not carved in stone but still we all obey
The powerful are subsidized by our leaders
With our children's lives
Money is the truth the light the way

In the last two centuries
We've made a lot of enemies
As the good we've done is replaced by what we've spoiled
From the smoke up in the atmosphere
To the plastic shit that's everywhere
From dead fish and birds on tar stained shores
To our soldiers limping home from war
To love and live their lives and then
They're sent back to do it all again
That's the legacy of anything for oil


from Suburban Primative, released April 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Tom Watson Pennsylvania

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